For teacher appreciation week I made Ari’s teachers these cheeky tote bags, and wanted to share with you! Every teacher needs a tote right? And they certainly need to know how much they are appreciated. You can fill your teacher’s tote with flowers, school supplies, or simply a handwritten note to tell them how much of a difference they have made in your child’s life. I know Ari’s teachers have a LOT to deal with! Oh the potty training years are fun, aren’t they? 
Scroll down for instructions and download.
“You’re TOTES the best teacher ever” Totes. It’s a tote. (Get it, Dad?)
Stuff you need:
Canvas tote bag (craft store)
Iron transfer paper
1. Download the apple image HERE
2. Print image, following instructions given with your transfer paper pack
3. CUT carefully around image
4. Place image FACE DOWN and follow ironing instructions in your transfer paper pack
5. Wait until image is completely cool before carefully peeling off
For the GIFT TAG, download HERE.
For more teacher gift ideas see THIS POST.
Happy teacher appreciation week!


  1. Hey Jessica! That's so weird! We've had several people download from this link and it's worked. I just downloaded it myself and the image is flipped (which it's supposed to be). When you print it on iron-on transfer paper, put the ink side down on the tote. When you iron it, the image will be right side up! Please let us know if you have any other problems! xo


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